Beginner Level “Purpose” Da’wah Training -Warakamura

IIRF conducted the One Day Beginner Level “Purpose” Da’wah Training in Warakamura for the passionate brothers and sisters in order to convey the message of Islām articulating it in most compassionate manner and in rational manner on 1st of May 2017 at Twinkle English Nursery, Warakamura.

Visiting speaker of IIRF explained the basics of Islam and why Muslims should practice it correctly. Then he explained about the Importance of Dawah to the participants.

Dawah Training was conducted by the Head of Administrative Panel and Research Division in Tamil medium. Contents of the session;

📌Purpose of Life
📌Introduction to Fundamentals of Islam
📌Importance of Dawah
📌Rationality and Science
📌Dawah Initiation Methods
📌GORAP Dawah Model (Beginner Level)
📌Introduction to Comparative Religion
📌Answering 5 Major Misconceptions about Islam
📌Importance of Team work and Organization
📌Introducing Purpose Dawah Project Dawah Techniques
📌Question and Answers


If you wanna enroll or to organize the session at your hometown,

Contact –
+94 37 397 5764, +94 77 721 2299
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