Beginner Level “Purpose” Da’wah Training – Puttalam SECOND BATCH

Alhamdulillah, last Sunday 11th March 2018, we went to Puttalam yet again to conduct Beginner Level Purpose Da’wah Training – for the SECOND batch of students of knowledge whom studies at Arabic Colleges in order to convey the message of Islām articulating it in most compassionate manner and in rational manner.

Event was organized by a Da’wah Team functioning in Puttalam area.

Dawah Training was conducted by the Head of Administrative Panel and Research Division at IIRF in Tamil medium.

The brothers who were participated at the session sacrificed their valuable time for the sake of Allah, in order to spread the message of Islam rationally and wisdom on the tongues.

This is all happening by the mercy of Allah and we ask Him to accept our good deeds and forgive any shortcomings.

If you wanna enroll or to organize the session at your hometown,
Contact – +94 37 397 5764
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