Book Launch – “Muslim Organizations in Sri Lanka” (si)

“Muslim Organizations In Sri Lanka by Shan Siraj provides the timely knowledge and understanding to restore security and stability. His book, a labour of love, should be read by all concerned Sri Lankans. “

Prof. Rohan Gunarathne 

The general public don’t know much about Muslim organizations in Sri Lanka and their doctrines. Further, there are many false information and misconceptions being shared in the media about these Muslim organizations. Understanding this, IIRF has published a book which discusses about all the Muslims Organizations in Sri Lanka. The “Foreword” of the book was written by Prof. Rohan Gunarathne who is a specialist in Counter Terrorism. Dr. Rohan Gunarathne is a Professor of Security Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and co-author of “Three Pillars of Radicalization: Needs, Networks and Narratives” (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Prof. Rohan Gunarathne invited Br. Shan Siraj-the Author of the book, founder of IIRF and senior researcher of IIRF, to launch the book in an event organized by the Supreme Council of Sufi Thareeqas. The event was held at Postal Auditorium, Colombo at 4.00 pm.

Prof. Rohan Gunarathne delivered a lecture regarding the reasons behind the Easter Sunday attack and suggested how to eliminate such threat in Sri Lanka in future. After his lecture he briefly introduced the book “Muslim Organizations in Sri Lanka”. Br. Shan Siraj,the author of the book, presented the first copy of the book to Prof G.L Peiris who was the guest of honor. Br. Shan Siraj also presented another copy of the book to President’s Counsel Ali Sabry. Further, few copies were handed over to very important persons including some security officials.

The online edition of the book is available here in our website, which is used to publish content related to social issues faced by the Sri Lankan Muslim community. 

Handing over the first copy of the book to Prof. G.L. Peries
Handing over the first copy of the book to Prof. G.L. Peries
Handing over a copy of the Book to President’s Counsel Ali Sabry

Few pictures of the event