Purpose project was launched with the primary goal of Explaining the rational foundation of Islam in a professional and academic manner. Some people don’t believe in Creationism. In other words they reject the existence of the Creator of the Universe. Moreover among them, people who believe a creator, like Muslims, are considered as people who follow mythical beliefs. So it is our responsibility to explain the rationality of Islam.

Thus, a full time dedicated team is essential for the task of Explaining Islam rationally, scientifically, logically, professionally and academically to the public. Purpose team has taken this responsibility to its shoulder to a certain extent.

Through the project following things are presented to the public.

  • Rationality of Creationism
  • Refutation to theory of Evolution
  • Miracle of Quran
  • Comparative Religion
  • Answers to misconception about Islam
  • Refutations to Mythical Beliefs
  • Other common teachings of Islam

Website: www.purpose.lk

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